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I love to feed people delicious, homemade food. I also obsessively devour cookbooks -- I own loads of them, and each one is marked up with plastic-y post-it tabs, labeling recipes I want to try. My local library also gets very good business from me.


We've all held smoking, charred bread, right? I'm hoping it's not just me. Sometimes I get so involved in one step, I forget about the bread in the oven. Or the coconut toasting on the stove. But usually I keep it all under control. And I have the most fun a person can have with a $50 food processor a brand new KitchenAid stand mixer!

My banner image is from a picture I took at Pike Place Market in Seattle during a couple-hour layover...that market seriously had me wanting to dash home to the East Coast, pack my bags, and head back west. What a place!!


books, writing, cooking and baking, yoga in 100 degree rooms, traveling, podcasts, journalism, sunshine, fresh herbs, farmers' markets, snowboarding, longboarding, food blogs